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Congratulations on your decision to make your health a priority!

It's time for a New Beginning!

The remarkable NovoLife™ detoxification and weight loss system -- originally created to meet the detoxification, nutritional and weight loss needs of Dr. Doug Pray’s patients -- is now available to support Your New Beginning.

Why detoxify your body?

Imagine never replacing the oil filter in your car. This would surely lead to catastrophic premature failure. The main filtering organs in the human body are the liver, kidneys and intestines. These filtering organs remove toxins we injest, inhale, and absorb. A quick Internet search for “pollutants” will give you an idea of the massive amounts of toxins you may come in contact with (ingest, inhale and absorb) daily. Toxins not eliminated from your body are stored in fat cells and nerve tissue (i.e., your brain). If your body's filtering organs are overburdened and/or not properly functioning, your body cannot eliminate all the toxins and must create more fat in which to store the retained toxins. So, the more toxic our bodies, the more obese we become — and the more we suffer inflammation, disease and eventual catastrophic premature failure. Detoxification (flushing toxins from fat and nerve tissue) signals your body to release stored fat, resulting in loss of weight and inches -- a very nice side effect of cleansing your body.

If you were lucky enough to live in a world with few toxins, your natural filtration system could do the job of keeping your body toxin-free. However, if you live with the rest of us, a periodic detoxification program is necessary. In order to ensure success, the detoxification program should be easy to use, simple to follow and allow you to maintain a busy schedule without interruption and fatigue. NovoLife™ achieves these objectives by providing you with superior products that are gentle and effective, and detailed instructions that are simple to follow. NovoLife™ was developed to provide for your nutritional needs in the form of a low glycemic index, medical food grade protein shake, a detoxification product specially formulated to give you the right amount of cleansing agents to allow your body to repair and regenerate, and a metabolism booster to provide additional energy during the detoxification process. We recommend you consult with your holistic health care provider before beginning the NovoLife™ detoxification program. Your doctor will coach you on your individual needs.

Using the NovoLife™ detoxification and weight-loss system should be a good experience for you. Keep in mind how healthy you will be as you make cleansing a regular part of your health care. It truly is easier and less expensive to prevent disease through an active healthy lifestyle than to try to regain health after damage is done.

Dr. Doug L. Pray

A Chiropractor and author with a successful practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Pray's practice focuses on Chiropractic care, nutrition, weight loss and physical rehabilitation. He has a passion for nutrition and weight loss since he has battled weight his entire life. He developed the NovoLife™ system to be a program that others could easily follow and therefore achieve success in reaching and maintaining their health and weight loss goals.