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About NovoLife

The remarkable NovoLife™ cleansing and weight loss system was originally created to meet the cleansing, nutritional and weight loss needs of Dr. Pray’s patients and is now being made available to help you find your new beginning. Congratulations on a great decision to cleanse your body and take control of your health. There are essentially three factors that cause poor health: trauma, toxins and stress. We at NovoLife™ have found that as you manage these three things by moving well, cleansing your body of harmful toxins and eating healthy foods through new habits, you will be able to live your life to its fullest potential achieving health as nature intends - from the inside out.

There are a lot of theories about how and when to detoxify your body. Is it necessary and why? Imagine the air filters in your house never being changed or never replacing the oil filter in your car. This would surely lead to catastrophic premature failure. There are filters in the human body, which remove toxins encountered every day. The main organs that filter your body are the liver, kidneys and intestines. The NovoLife™ system is designed to clean and repair these organs as well as other systems of the body.

A quick Internet search for “pollutants” will give you an idea of the massive amounts of toxins we deal with daily. When toxins overcome your body they will be stored in fat cells and nerve tissue, like the brain. The more toxic the body, the more obese it becomes. If the body’s filters are not given time to cleanse and regenerate, more fat is needed to handle these toxins. This is easily linked to disease and eventually catastrophic premature failure. Detoxification and flushing of toxins from fat tissue is the source for the loss of inches and fat during the cleanse process. This is a very nice side effect of cleaning the body.

Dr. Pray has experienced difficulty with the “yo-yo” effect of weight loss and weight gain throughout his life. He first went on a diet at 12 years old when his girlfriend decided she “didn’t want to go with a fat boy”. Throughout the years he has tried most every diet and has had success with many. But, the weight returned each time when the diet ended. Through study of nutrition and the body’s metabolism, Dr. Pray became convinced that the addiction to the processed foods in our diet today is responsible for this obesity phenomenon. These processed foods contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body and prevent the fat cells from breaking down to be used as fuel for the body. Therefore, the fat cells accumulate and result in weight gain.

If you were lucky enough to live in a world without toxins then we would say that your natural system could do the job of keeping your body toxin free. However, if you live with the rest of us then detoxification is necessary. NovoLife™ believes in order

to achieve this the cleanse needs to be easy to use, simple to follow and allow people to maintain a busy schedule without fatigue. We have achieved these objectives by providing you with superior products and a detailed guide that is simple to follow to insure your success. NovoLife™ was developed to provide for your nutritional needs in the form of a medical food grade protein shake with a low glycemic index, a detoxification product specially formulated to give you the right amount of cleansing agents with nutritional support to allow your body to repair and regenerate while in the cleansing process, and metabolism booting capsules to help you with additional nutritional support and energy preventing stress of your body during the detoxification process. These capsules will help you even after your cleanse is completed and should become a regular part of your nutritional supplementation. Your doctor will coach you on your individual needs.

Using the NovoLife™ system should be a good experience for you. Keep in mind how healthy you will be as you make cleansing a regular part of your health care. It truly is easier and less expensive to prevent disease through an active healthy lifestyle than to try to regain health once damage is done. Happy Cleansing!


All of us at NovoLife™

Dr. Doug L. Pray

A Chiropractor and author who has a successful practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Pray's practice focuses on Chiropractic care, nutrition, weight loss and physical rehabilitation. He has a passion for nutrition and weight loss since he has battled weight his entire life. He developed this system to be a program that others could easily follow and therefore achieve success in reaching and maintaining their health and weight loss goals.