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How Does the NovoLife 7-Day Detox Program work?

NovoLife Detox gently and effectively releases toxins from blood and fat cells, and cleanses the liver and kidneys to improve their ability to flush toxins that are preventing you from losing weight. NovoLife Metaboost II helps maintain your energy level during your detox and NovoLife Energizer Meal Complete provides all the nutrients and micro-nutrients your body needs to retain lean muscle mass during your detox. Detoxification improves metabolic function and reduces inflammation. As you begin to experience more energy and less pain, you are encouraged to implement the NovoLife Movement, Nutrition, Outlook, and Support Lifestyle to achieve long term physical and emotional health. To learn more about how and why our program works and to help coach you through your initial 7-Day Detox, we recommend you read Dr. Doug Pray's "I Don't Go With Fat Boys - Weight Loss for People Who Love to Eat."

What do I do if I get hungry during my 7-Day Detox Program?

The program is designed to ensure you have all the nutrients necessary to be healthy. However, you may eat about six raw almonds each day (do not eat almonds if you have an allergy to nuts or nut products) and all the raw green vegetables you desire each day with lemon or lime juice as a dressing. Also, you may drink one cup of green tea per day and unlimited herbal tea.

Will I have loose bowels?

The NovoLife 7-Day Detox system is not a colon flush but a blood, liver and kidney cleanse. The intestines will cleanse naturally during the week and may regulate any inconsistencies.

What do I do after I finish my 7-Day Detox Program?

Along with a diet of nutrient-dense whole foods, NovoLife's 28-Day Moving Forward Program provides an additional level of support for weight loss success with NovoLife Appetite Control, NovoLife Total Weight Loss Support and NovoLife Energizer Meal Complete. To help coach you through your initial 28-Day Moving Forward Program, we recommend you read Dr. Doug Pray's "Fat and Happy? - Weight Loss Strategies for People Who Love to Eat." After you finish your 7-Day Detox and 28-Day Moving Forward Programs, keep moving toward your weight loss goals with NovoLife's Maintenance Program and continue living Dr. Pray's Movement, Nutrition, Outlook, and Support Lifestyle Habits for Lifelong Wellness.

Can I do the cleanse if I am on blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or any other prescription medication?

Yes! The cleanse was designed to help those affected by such diseases. However, the cleanse may decrease your need for some prescription medications. You should be monitored by your doctor to make sure you do not become overmedicated.

Will my energy level decrease?

Every person will react differently to the detox but the NovoLife 7-Day Detox and 28-Day Moving Forward Programs are designed to provide enough calories and nutrients to keep you healthy and maintain your energy level. Dr. Pray strongly advises keeping regular appointments with your holistic health care provider to monitor your weight loss and address any health concerns.

May I drink coffee or tea during my 7-Day Detox and 28-Day Moving Forward Programs?

To achieve the maximum effect of the NovoLifeWeight Loss System, Dr Pray advises you not to consume coffee and black teas. You may drink one cup of green tea daily and unrestricted water and herbal teas.

What side effects should I expect?

Each individual will have a different experience while detoxing. Following the program as designed will give you maximum results and assist you in breaking your food and sugar addictions. The primary complaint is a headache from caffeine withdrawal. If you experience caffeine withdrawal, Dr. Pray suggests drinking a cup of green tea.

Will I lose only water weight — or fat?

The NovoLife Detox formula contains fat burning agents. Adding physical exercise to your daily activities will also boost fat loss and increase lean muscle mass.


I've finished my NovoLife 7-Day Detox and 28-Day Moving Forward Programs. Now What?

Continue moving forward toward your weight loss goal with the NovoLife Maintenance Program and NovoLife MNOS (Movement/Nutrition/Outlook/Support) lifestyle habits for lifelong wellness. The NovoLife Weight Loss and Lifelong Wellness System is designed for success! If you follow these practices, you will achieve and maintain your ideal weight and experience long term physical and emotional wellness.

NovoLife Maintenance Program

  • Replace one meal per day with NovoLife Energizer Meal Complete
  • Support your metabolism with Novolife Appetite Control and NovoLife Total Weight Loss Support
  • Continue the detoxification process with a one-day mini-cleanse every two weeks (Day One of NovoLife 7-Day Detox Program)
  • Perform a full NovoLife 7-Day Detox Program every 90 days until your weight loss goal is met.


NovoLife Movement/Nutrition/Outlook/Support Lifestyle Habits for Lifelong Wellness

Movement: Make your exercise program a daily habit and steadily increase your range of motion and level of activity.

Nutrition: Make a daily habit of eating nutrient-dense whole foods. As you overcome your addiction to refined and processed foods, you will develop a preference for healthy whole foods.

Outlook: As these healthy habits become a part of your daily lifestyle, you will experience greater physical and mental energy and realize a more positive attitude and outlook!

Support: Your holistic healthcare provider will be happy to design an individualized exercise program for you, monitor your weight loss, address any health issues and help you achieve success (as with any diet or exercise program, we recommend placing yourself under the supervision of a healthcare provider).