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The following are testimonials of customers who have used Novolife Products:

The date will always stick in my head, July 30, 2012, it was the day I began the Novolife Cleanse Program. I weighed 263 pounds and just wasn’t happy with myself, but I had no idea how to change things. My brother had gone through the Novolife program with success and recommended it to me. Honestly, this wasn’t a big decision for me because I wasn’t convinced it was going to work. I was a little scared of the word ‘cleanse’, but tried it anyway. During the Novolife cleanse, I’m not going to lie… I was hungry. By the 3rd day when I was finally able to eat a 400 calorie meal, I chose a chicken breast with some sautéed vegetables. In the past, I didn’t eat many vegetables… I had told myself I didn’t like them. But that meal tasted great, it was amazing how satisfied I was after eating that simple meal. I continued on with the Novolife cleanse. By the end of the week, I had lost 7 pounds.
With that kind of success I decided that I should continue… I made a healthy cereal choice for breakfast, replaced lunch with the Novolife Energizer Protein drink, and limited my dinner to 600 – 800 calories. The pounds began to fall off. In the past I had never watched what I ate, I had convinced myself I didn’t need to. I decided to use one food measurement, I watched my calories. As long as I stayed in a range, I continued to lose weight. The Novolife cleanse helped me get rid of the cravings, which I thought was impossible since I was addicted to bread, pasta, and sweets. It was strange how I began to no longer crave those things but instead began to crave good vegetables and proteins (like fish or pork). To date, I have lost 130 pounds… the scale says I weigh 133 pounds. There are times I can’t believe it, it is so exciting!

I have lots of people asking me questions like ‘you must exercise hard a couple of times a day’. I never introduced an exercise program. My mindset was that it was going to be too difficult to introduce exercise and eat right and continue on with a busy life. I chose to use the Novolife program and watch my calories, which lead me to success. I needed to understand that what I was eating impacted my weight. Now that I am comfortable with my weight, I will begin exercising just because it’s good for your body not because I need to lose weight.

The other question I get a lot is ‘what did your family eat while you were doing this’. We do eat some different meals. We are a busy family of four, so that isn’t much of a change… I make sure we have good food choices available when we are in a hurry. I have introduced new recipes to my family and they are enjoying them. I can see them being more aware of what they are eating, instead of just trying to quickly satisfy their hunger.

I want to encourage everyone that it is possible to lose weight after making many years of bad food decisions. For me, the wrong food choices became an addiction. Now I understand what good food choices are and to be honest, they are so much more satisfying than eating that brownie.

I am so thankful for Novolife and their products, what a great partner!

- Christa

Like the major population in the US, I have dealt with weight problems my entire life. As a matter of fact, I was over 140 pounds by the time I was10 years old.  I began riding the diet roller coaster before I even became a teenager. (Not fun!) Now at 42 years old, I came to the point where I realized that I've been on diet pills for over 17 years. NOT GOOD!!!
Now I've worked in healthcare for about 20 years, so I realize that when you take this type of medication, it can actually change the way your brain processes things.... When you really think about that, it's scary... It makes you wonder what you're doing to yourself.... and what will the side effects be in the long run....  Well, the fact is that after taking that type of medication for a while, you become immune in a sense... It eventually will not control your appetite anymore... and like in my case, it can actually become a depressant instead of the stimulate it was intended to be.

Thankfully, I finally got tired of it... So what did I do? I stop taking them.... cold turkey.... and not only that.... I stopped all caffeine.....AT THE SAME TIME..... Oh my..... I was SO proud of myself, but....... I felt HORRIBLE!!! I had the worst "brain fog" I had ever felt.... I was depressed and very anxious at the same time.... I didn't go a day without crying.... My emotions were shot.... THEN.... I was introduced to the Novolife System..... My first thought is "I need a detox... I need to get what's left of all that medication out of my system... maybe I'll be able to think again".

So... I fell in love with it.... On day 3, I woke up with a CLEAR mind for the first time in ages.... I didn't realize how bad it had become until I felt better!!! I made it through the 7 day cleanse and guess what... My depression is gone... Anxiety is much better and to top it all off..... I lost 9.2 pounds and 8.25 inches.....

Honestly, I would have done the detox even if I hadn't lost a pound... It was worth it just to be able to think again.....  Thank you again for such an AWESOME product!!!

- Renita

After graduating high school I weighed over 300 pounds and addicted to junk food. I would have given anything to become thin and kick my food addiction, I just didn’t know how and every time I tried I failed. I came across Dr. Pray’s book I Don’t Go With Fat Boys, this book was a game changer for me. I identified so much with Dr. Pray and his struggles with his own food addiction that I felt like I was reading a story about my life. It was time for a new beginning for me and I decided to try the cleanse program and follow the healthy lifestyle Dr. Pray wrote about. I ended up losing 11 pounds during my initial 7 day cleanse. After following the lifestyle that Dr. Pray recommends I have been able to keep losing weight and keep it off, after two years of regular cleanses, chiropractic adjustments and healthy lifestyle choices I now weigh 175 pounds. As a pleasant surprise to me, the lifestyle changes that I have made have also gotten me off of a nasal steroid that helped me breathe for nearly 15 years and now without any medication I can breathe better than ever! Thanks to Dr. Pray I am a much more confident person and I am a better husband, father and friend who truly enjoys life to its fullest.

- Michael Johnson
Rehabilitation Therapist Allied Health Group
Normal, IL

I am fat, and it feels like I have been on a diet my whole life. I have tried everything, and the weight keeps coming on. Then, one day, I talked to Dr. Pray about my issues, and he gave me two new insights that changed my whole thinking. First he said I am addicted to food, and in particular I am addicted to processed foods and sugar. So, while I can’t quit eating, what I eat does matter. I can choose what I put into my mouth. So, with Dr. Pray’s help, I began the struggle against my addiction. I detoxed my body using Novolife, and the cravings were gone! That constant nagging feeling of needing something to eat was gone. I was able to stop eating when I was full…

- Ashley G.
Tulsa, OK

This is the BEST on the market have gotten many to take it with great results!!!

- Sharon W.
Elmwood Park, I

Always in pursuit of a healthy way of living, I could not seem to understand ALL the reasons for weight gain. Praying for self control, wisdom and continue research, I found Novolife. Discovered I could not eat certain foods although good unto themselves and began to lose weight each week. I’m over sixty and after 6 months have lost 58 lbs. Have energy and my heart and body I know thank me and I thank you for all nutritional pursuits.

- G.
Tulsa, OK

I tried NovoLife and loved it!
I was not very excited when my husband brought this product home from the doctors office. I like to eat, especially brownies. I also have blood sugar issues when I skip meals. He promised I would feel better and that I would loose those last few baby pounds so we did it together. I was very surprised that I was not really very hungry during the week cleanse. I was a little tired of drinking that much water but the week went by pretty fast.

Since then I have felt great! Emotionally I feel more balanced than I have since I was in college. After kids and 3 post partum depressions I still had a few hormones that were lingering and cleansed out. I also have changed my eating habits. I have a shake for breakfast each day because I feel great after I drink them and I never liked breakfast anyway. I also love to eat dried fruits and nuts which I never really liked before. I used to crave chocolate all the time and now I can go days without chocolate and when I do have it a few bites and I am great. That was my reaction after two months. Now 6 months after the cleanse I am still feeling great. My cravings are still controlled and my entire diet has changed because I just do not like foods that are bad for me any more. My weight loss is very visible I have dropped two sizes and people asked if I am dieting and I say no. I have not limited any of my food intake. I just feel better if I eat smaller portions and eat healthier food. Now I still do like brownies but just one every once in a while.

Results after 7-days: Dropped 5.6 pounds, Lost 5.5 inches total, 1.5 inches in hips alone, lowered BMI by 6%
Results after 2-months: Dropped 7.7 pounds, Lost 13 inches total, 2.5 inches in hips alone, 3 in waist alone
Results after 6-months: Dropped 12.7, lost 18 inches total, 3.5 in each thigh

Overall this experience was great. I feel better, I look better, and I am eating better. After 12 years of marriage 3 kids I am only 4 pounds more than my wedding day.

- Wendy L.
Bel Air, MD